Privacy Policy for "Budget Remaining" App

(written for people, not lawyers)


You can use "Budget Remaining" to track the remaining balance on your bank accounts as it is. The developer does not guarantee anything and does not take responsibility for anything.

Data storage

Budget Remaining does not have it's own database. All operations that require saving of data are performed through the FinAPI REST service. This includes the login process, creating users, adding banks and bank connections, accounts, transactions and so on. The PIN to your bank account is sent to FinAPI where it may be stored to facilitate automatic update of your account balance.

You may find the Privacy Policy of FinAPI here.

Android Permissions

The Android app was auto-generated by AppsGeyser. The generated app requires multiple permissions. Among them are:

  • android.permission.READPHONESTATE
  • android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS

These permissions are there by default and are not used by "Budget Remaining".


The site is available over HTTP (insecure) and HTTPS (secure) protocols. Please check you always use HTTPS when using "Budget Remaining". Automatic redirect to HTTPS may be introduced soon.


We use cookies to allow you to login to the app. Without cookies we can not distinguish you from other users.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to track how many people are using the app. This data is not public.

The End

Please let us know if have any further questions.